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This web site is being provided as a public service. It is not sponsored by the Boise Police Dept. nor is it sponsored by any of the families listed below.

Its purpose is to provide an unbiased place to pay tribute to those who have lost their lives, and voice opinions.

The opinions posted do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Sponsors, the Families listed or the Boise Police Dept, they are posted as a courtesy to those wishing to express their feelings on the subject.

All opinions are posted without bias. The only exception is if they contain excessive vulgarity. So please keep your language suitable for all to read. Thank You.

Those listed below have lost their lives in recent Police shootings. Many unanswered questions have caused considerable controversy and high emotions.

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Officer Mark Stall here
Officer Stall, 29 was the first Police officer in Boise to die in the line of duty. Sept. 20 1997
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Craig, Doug Brodrick here
Craig, Doug Brodrick,30, 27 died in Police shooting on Sept. 20 1997
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Ryan Hennessey here
Ryan Hennessey, 20 died in Police shooting Nov. 6th 1996
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James Atkinson here
James "Justin" Atkinson, 21 died in Police shooting Aug. 31 1997

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